Who we work with

Communication Groups:

Agencies, education companies communications groups and public relations firms all need support from a production staff that is able to take last minute information and deliver problem free connections to the intended audience as quickly as possible. Print, mail and distribute, STEP Visual has provided communication group specific print services since 1969.

     Product launches
     Meeting Updates
     Employee Benefit updates
     Marketing Campaigns 
     Political Campaigns
     Promotional Products and Premiums


Retailers can be large or small – and cover a variety of sectors including, apparel, home products, office supplies, pharmaceuticals, restaurants and many more. POP / POS Materials, labels, packaging, target marketing and more
Retailer services include:

     Point of sale (POS) collateral
     POS signage
     Custom and stock shopping bags
     Custom retail displays
     Counter displays
     Printed retail fixtures
     Product tags
     Cartons and Microflute packaging and displays
     Large format banners 
     Window and floor graphics and clings
     Product support literature
     Customer loyalty programs and materials
     Direct mail campaigns

Manufacturer’s Print Services:

STEP Visual provides specific print services to manufacturers and packagers of pharmaceuticals, consumer products, food and beverages, media, electronics and many other goods. Manufacturers keep the focus on improving their production process, managing packaging and labeling needs and communicating with their target clients. STEP Visual helps with solutions in the following areas:

     Primary packaging labels critical to the production process
     Folding cartons and microflute packaging for consumer and industrial products
     Sales flyers and product brochures
     Promotional products and branded merchandise (apparel, gifts, trade show items and more)
     Critical business and production forms
     Direct mail and target marketing services that provide true one-to-one communication 


Manufacturer’s packaging solutions:

Our label and carton facility’s produce flexo, digital and offset labels and both SBS and microflute cartons for a variety of manufacturing applications. We have the latest digital print label technology which completely eliminates dies and tooling for shorter runs and custom diecut shapes. Our carton plant in Carrolton, GA is a fully integrated ISO Certified facility with top of the line structural team and some of the newest carton lines in the category.

     Primary Labels
     Product ID Labels
     Warning Labels
     Decorative labels
     Nameplate & Part Labels
     Clubstore Cartons
     Retail Product Cartons
     Private Label packaging

Union & Political Printing Services:

Print communications was one of the first industries in the United States to become unionized over 120 years ago. STEP Visual Communications is a union printer in several plants and making a commitment to quality product standards, and top of the line working conditions and benefits, is integral to what we do. Printing and communication services for our union clients includes:

     Employee benefits Materials
     Provider benefits and marketing
     Employee relation materials
     Retiree service materials
     Political support mailings
     Promotional products for events 
     Large and small building signage
     Supply management solutions
     Political support signage

Consumer Goods Product Support Materials:

Most consumer goods and fashion brands put a significant effort into their products and that effort holds true in how the product is viewed and perceived by buyers, retailers and consumers in print and merchandising layouts. STEP Visual is a significant producer of product look books and merchandising guides for fashion and cosmetic brands. Our experience with marketing materials, product labels and in-store POP/POS also allows us to provide many options from one source. With so many high–end finishing capabilities offered, professionally executed materials will let buyers, managers and consumers share your vision and appreciation for the products, the collection and their presentation to the consumer.We produce printed materials for our consumer goods clients in many categories including;

     Look Books for Cosmetic, Footwear, Fashion & Luxury Collections
     Retail Merchandising guides & specifications
     Brand specific shopping bags
     Product labels
     POP and Signage
     Microflute and Carton Displays
     Brochures and product literature
     In-box materials